Skateboard Policies


Welcome to The Electric Academy, home to the most innovative electric skateboard in the world. Please be sure to read this manual and other materials included in your box for proper operations and safety measures you will need. The history of our boards perfection stretches back nearly 20 years; we are the partners of the originator and inventor of the electric skateboard from Altered Skateboards, also known as Chase Boards. Together, we have engineered the safest, most dependable, and most exciting skateboards on the planet. Together, we hold the patents of the wireless and truck configurations on your boards.




The Electric Academy requires you to activate your registration online to ensure your product is covered under our co-production agreement. You may complete your registration online at


The warranty covers all workmanship excluding wearing parts, drive belts, tires and tubes, surface finishes, damage from abuse, alterations, water exposure, accidental damage, and any other type of mismanagement of the board and controller. The warranty only applies to the original purchaser for 6 months from the date of purchase.


All risk associated with the operation of electric skateboards apply to the purchaser and persons operating the boards. Electric Academy’s owners, directors, shareholders, partners, employees, contractors, suppliers, web designers, riders, video producers, social media promoters, virtually anyone that has interest with or in the Electric Academy are EXCLUDED from any liabilities, claims, lawsuits, injury claims, death, dismembering of bodily parts, without limitation, resulting from usage of our products and electric skateboards. Riders are completely at their own risk and bear all risk and any liabilities arising from operating our electric skateboards including anyone the originator purchaser allows to operate the electric skateboard.


In the event you have a warranty or issue with our boards, please email technical support at


It is highly encouraged for you to provide us with as much detail as possible so we can diagnose your problem efficiently and have your board up and running as soon as possible. In the event we cannot diagnose your boards problems, the Electric Academy will issue you a RAC (return authorization code) to have your board returned for a more detailed review. The shipping cost are at the owner’s expense back to Electric Academy. In the event we determine your board is under warranty for the repairs, Electric Academy will refund your shipping cost and will cover the return shipping cost to you along with the parts and labor free of charge. In the event Electric Academy determines your problem is not warranty related, we will contact you and advise the estimated cost to fix the board, no shipping cost inbound or outbound will be covered, nor will labor cost be reimbursed. We understand accidents happen and we will do everything possible to hold repair cost for you.


In any event your board is determined to be a complete manufacturing defect, the Electric Academy will ship you a new board complete free of any additional cost as it’s our desire to have you riding and not idling.


All board issues and determinations are at the sole discretion of the Electric Academy to determine the outcome. In the event you purchased your board(s) from a dealer, it will be at the dealer’s discretion to determine the outcome as the Electric Academy does not interject itself into negotiations between the dealer and customer.





It is very important to know your skill level when riding an electric skateboard, these boards are not considered a toy and should NOT be perceived in any way that it is a toy. Make sure you understand the speed controls before riding, the maintenance required to maintain the board in sound running condition, apply all safety gear when and where necessary on your body, and make sure you are familiar with local laws when and where you are riding the board. With this in mind you are surely going to enjoy your electric skateboard when riding.


Our off-road boards are specifically designed to handle most all terrains. When riding the off-road boards, please stay free and clear of water and any other wet related surfaces, avoid a wet deck as the surface can become quite slippery, and potholes can ruin your board. Beware of your surroundings at all times whereas other pedestrians may be present, avoid direct paths with them as your board may slide when applying the braking systems. 


Our street boards are designed and engineered specifically to operate on solid surfaces only. As the off-road board has additional hazards, the street boards can be even more dangerous as the hard surfaces can result in more severe injuries. Make sure you understand the common laws of riding your board at all times. Applying safety gear where and when you need it. It is our recommendation to wear safety gear at all times regardless of the conditions and speeds you intend to travel at.


At a bare minimum, helmets are a must at all times. Please check your board’s recommendation on size and age before purchasing and riding your board. The majority of our boards are intended to be ridden by people above the age of 14 and must be under adult supervision at all times to assist in the safety and awareness


And finally, The Electric Academy’s Action Sports Division encourages you to begin your riding experience in the lowest speed possible the board offers and gradually develop your riding skills as you become more advanced with increased speeds. It is our belief that riding with care and by understanding your surroundings, you will likely decrease your risk and increase your enjoyment of the board, so apply all safety gear and NEVER forget to properly fasten your helmet on; an improperly secured helmet is equivalent to riding without a helmet!



Unboxing the Electric Academy Board:


When unboxing your electric skateboard, make sure the following contents are in your box:

1.     The correct board you purchased, free and clear from any visual damage.

2.     An operator’s manual from The Electric Academy

3.     A wireless remote controller

4.     A battery for the wireless remote controller, 9V battery

5.     Additional advertising merchandise with tons of info, including contact information.


After carefully unboxing the product, we advise a complete and full charge of the board. Most boards come with a sizable charge, but please finish off the charging process to avoid damaging the battery. Simply plug the charger into a 110v wall outlet and connect the charging jack to the side of the board, sometimes located under the board depending on the board you purchased. The light on the charger should be red which indicates the battery is charging properly. Once the battery reaches full charge, the light will change to green indicating the battery is fully charged. Charging times vary depending on the type and size of battery you purchased with your board, charging times range on the LiFePo4 between 3-6 hours, Lead Acid -Sealed between 4-6 hours. Some of our specialty high performance street longboards can reach full charge from 1-2 hours, again depending on size and type of battery you purchased.


If you purchased an off-road board, your tires may need to be inflated to the correct PSI indicated on the tire. It is recommended to you to always check tire pressures after long rides to ensure maximum performance and comfort of the board.


Now that your board charging exercise is under way and you have checked your tire pressures, it’s time to get familiar with the remote control and how it functions.



Remote Control:


For safety purposes and rider improvement, your controller is designed with three (3) speeds, low, medium, and high. Be sure when changing the speed settings, the board is turned off and the controller is also turned off, this will help re-linking the controller back to the computer. The controller instructions and settings are as follows:


1.     Remove the battery plate located on the bottom of the remote controller.

2.     There is a small black switch located inside the battery compartment.

3.     We recommend placing the switch toward the rear of the handle, this is the low speed setting.

4.     Placing the switch in the middle position would have the board in medium speed.

5.     Placing the switch to the front of the board would have the board in high speed; we only recommend this speed after you have ridden the board consistently and safely in the prior slower speeds.

6.     Again, when changing speeds, the controller must be turned off and the board must be turned off so the reconnect linking will be reset.

7.     In addition to the speed settings, the remote controller speed is controlled by slowly pulling the trigger, therefore you can control your speed in each setting.

8.     Now for the brake, it is HIGHLY recommended that you practice this at a very low speed. Pushing the trigger forward applies the brakes, the more you push the harder the brakes apply. It is not advisable to operate at high speeds and pressing the trigger swiftly forward to stop, you may experience being thrown off the board causing injury, so we again advise you to practice this function at slower speeds.


In the event you have additional board riders riding with you, when linking up the controller to your board, it is advisable to have other boards turned off. All remotes are universal and will link to any of the Electric Academy boards. Once your board is linked to your controller, the next board can link safely to their board, so forth and so on. To extend the battery life, the board power pack will shut off after being idle 10 minutes, the remote will shut off after 5 minutes of being idle. In the event your remote is idle and your board is not idle and you want to begin skating, you must turn the board off and the remote to its off position to relink to one another.



Operating the Electric Skateboard:


After the wireless remote has successfully connected to the board itself, gradually pull the trigger. It may also be helpful if you place more weight on your front foot for acceleration. Once you reach your desired speed, simply hold the trigger in place and the board will remain at that speed. To slow down, slowly release pressure on the trigger as it will return to the neutral position and the board will begin to slow down. As always, when slowing down, shift your weight to the rear of the board. Avoid abruptly pulling the trigger for acceleration and pushing the trigger forward for slowing down as the responsiveness of the computer can cause a sudden unbalanced feel and result in falling off the board and causing injury. It’s important to practice this exercise at lower speeds until you get comfortable with your board.


Applying the brake is the most common practice in causing rider control issues. You apply the brake by pushing the trigger forward past the neutral position, the board will decelerate based on how far you push the trigger forward. It is highly recommended that you practice this technique at very slow speeds, again getting the rider comfortable with the board. It is further recommended to learn your board in the slow speed so you have less chance of falling off the board at a slower or higher speed. In essence, at higher speeds, you will find a lighter touch to the trigger when slowing down.


In the event you come off the board, the emergency braking system will engage and bring the board to a complete stop. This safety feature is to prevent your board from continuing long distances when the signal of the remote disconnects from the board. When riding downhill, the board will drag as you let off the trigger. You will find the ride smoother if you gently pulse the braking system and will add additional control of the board. As always, you will get comfortable with the board the more you practice the operation of the board. Avoid riding down long hills where hard braking is being applied over extended periods of time. The belt systems will wear out sooner with added stress on the belt. Although these boards are built tough, the computer and working parts require some care for the life of the board.


Now that you have practiced inspecting your board prior to riding, inspecting your board after riding, practiced connecting the wireless remote to your board, practiced accelerating and braking, you should be ready to enjoy a safe and fun ride. It is always our requirement to apply safety gear where appropriate, and never ride without a properly fastened helmet. If your helmet does not fit properly and / or you do not fasten it appropriately, you are taking a risk beyond our recommendations. Always have adult supervision when riding the high performance boards and make sure to follow the recommended age for the board by being either your current age or above the required age. We cannot stress how important safety is on these boards, these boards are NOT TOYS, they are Action Sports boards for the adventurous rider and not intended for casual experiences. Make sure if sharing your board with another rider that the rider goes through the steps you practiced before allowing the rider to jump on the board and take off.



Maintenance and Troubleshooting:


Please refer to our website for all maintenance and troubleshooting problems. We have how-to and learning videos to be more informative than asking you to read about. You will also find some cool products you will want to add to your experience. As you know, when you own an electric skateboard, your friends will want to own an electric skateboard to ride alongside!