Bolt Electric Skateboard

Electric Academy

The Bolt designed by THE ELECTRIC ACADEMY had one thing in mind, and that is to have a beginner  electric skateboard for the younger generation! The Bolt features our starter board for ages under 10 offering very low speeds (3 mph to top speed of 10 mph). Not to mention, you DO NOT have to have traditional skateboard skills to ride any electric skateboard. With 3 speed controls, the rider can graduate from beginner to an intermediate rider over time, graduating upward to the next series of electric skateboards offered ONLY by THE ELECTRIC ACADEMY.


  • Comprised of a maple deck with extra ply veneer providing the rider with stability and total control, comfortable to the riders feet and balance.
  • The power plant produces Low-end torque ensuring a smooth and safe ride for the beginner.
  • Wheel rims stylish and lightweight adding additional appearance to the overall look of the boards.
  • The tires are high-density rubber measuring 3.5" in diameter providing a smooth ride on street surfaces.
  • The shear design and structure allows riders up to 140 lbs to enjoy the thrill of this board.
  • Low voltage cut-off switch with heat overload fuse protection adds to the safety of the rider and board performance.
  • All new 150 watts of power for peak performance.
  • Torsion Truck System Patented in US #5853182
  • Wireless Remote Control Patented in US # 5893425
  • Top speed up to 10mph depending on terrain and weight of rider.
  • Standard Lead Acid-Sealed battery.
  • Pistol grip controller allows the rider to control the speed and control the "gear" selection for slow, medium and high speeds.
  • ABS braking systems also managed on the pistol grip controller, combined with regenerative technology which actually recharges the battery while riding.
Board length is 34" width is 8" and height off ground is 8"
Lead Acid-Sealed battery, overall weight is less than 20 lbs.


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